• Koral Manufacturing facility comprises of a diversity of equipment, including Okuma Lathes & HAAS Mill machines.

  • Our on-site saws support efficient use of material.

  • Koral’s CNC lathes can accommodate bar diameter up to 2.75 inches and a plate diameter up to 12 inches. Our CNC 3rd- and 4th-axis vertical milling machines suited for singular and production level components with build windows up to 50″ x 20″ x 30″. We have standard tool holding of CAT40 holders and a vast library of latest tooling/fixtures in our database.

  • No part is complete until it is clean. Automated and manual part washing completes the production process.

  • All raw, WIP, and finished material is stored in a temperature-controlled environment and comprehensively document-controlled. Finished products are custom packaged to ensure part integrity during storage and transit, while also optimizing for reduced shipping costs to our customers.